Welcome to Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life.com 

This site is not about protostants, catholics or any other religion. This web site is simply an introduction to the truth.

What is truth? As you study the material, you will discover who and what truth is.

This is not meant to cause you to park on this web site but to use it to start the most amazing and fulfilling endeavour of your life. This is all about starting a personal walk with Jesus, the way the truth and the life. He will lead you into all truth as you study the bible, God's revelations to man.

Jesus by his spirit will help and teach those who dare to believe in him as the only begotten son of God. He is the first born from the dead and by faith in him, he will raise you from the dead efforts of man trying to please some God or Gods.

Through Jesus you will get to know the one and only GOd and have peace and eternity to live with him. Please feel free to ask questions. We will answer them according to what the bible says and not earthly opinion. Read God's word. Test it. Be patient and get ready to be hapily excited because it is very GOOD NEWS!

Thank You!

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