Winter Has Come

Ah! Winter has come
Causing the fall to run.
Snow swirls across the plains
and dances in the lanes.
It sifts into hollows
As children through it wallow.
It tumbles over roof tops
Seemingly no intention to stop.
An anxious Mom is calling
As night shadows are falling.
Little feet shuffle
Not anxious to hustle.
Leaving their play
At the end of the day.
Cosy fires crackle, sparkle and heat
Pouring forth warmth on wet, cold feet.
Rosy cheeks glisten
And everyone listens.
As snow laden tress creek
And a little mouse squeaks.
A little girl shrieks
As out of her slipper the mouse doth peek.
Boys roar in laughter
As away it scampers
Mother is calling
While outside snow is falling.
It’s time to eat
And soon to sleep.
Tummies full and dishes washed
A gentle father sits with legs crossed.
Reading about Jesus and His cost
For recovering what was lost
All knees reverently bend
Thankfully knowing this is not the end.
For Jesus is life with true love for all
To those who take the time to call.
To God’s son our risen Kind
Jesus the only one to bring.
Life and eternal joy
For all, who to Him do join.
Their voices forever will sing
thanksgivings to ring
Jesus is faithful.
His love will never fail.
So hasten to His side
That His love in you, may forever abide.

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